Learners' Guide

  • Access a course

Le contenu du MOOC est accessible en cliquant sur l'onglet "Cours". Chaque cours est divisé en modules. Les modules sont déployés au rythme d'une d’un intervalle qui permet à l’apprenant d’assimiler les leçons.  
Pour obtenir le détail d'un cous, il faut cliquer sur le nom du cours. Chaque cours est composé de plusieurs modules. Chaque module se termine toujours par un quiz pour évaluer les connaissances de l'apprenant.

  • Modules

Chaque module se compose de plusieurs formats de contenus, ( films vidéos, infographies, podcasts, liens externes, quizz et activités interactives).
Ces différentes ressources, figurent en bas de chaque module.

  • Quizzes

Quizzes are accessible at the end of each module. The quiz helps to assess the learner's knowledge. This assessment will be based on the content of the videos. In addition to this systematic evaluation, the learner will also have the possibility to ask questions on the discussion forum.

The forum section gives access to the MOOC's discussion area, which is a space for exchanging and discussing the course content with other learners and the teaching team. 

By participating in a forum, users agree to respect the legal provisions ( prohibited from making racist, xenophobic or insulting comments, etc.).
You can read the user's code of conduct to find out about these provisions règles de conduite de l'utilisateur.
You are also prohibited from sharing the answers to the quizzes.

  •   Access discussions in the forum

The learner has access to all threads. He/she can:

Sort the threads,
Search by keyword,
Prioritise the latest activities;

  • A colour code is used to facilitate navigation. Example

Blue: you have never read the thread,
White: you have already read the discussion but new responses have been added,
Grey: you have read the whole discussion.

  • Write and reply to a message on the forum

Click on "new message" to write a message on the forum. Click on "add a message" to make it visible to everyone once you have filled all relevant fields and writing your message.
Write your response in the "post a reply" box to reply then cliick on "submit" to make it visible to all.

  • Progression

The "progress" tab allows the learner to know his/her success percentage in each of the quizzes. The total indicated is the average of all the quizzes, whether or not they have been completed.