User's Charter

You are joining a global community of learners once you register on the MOOC website. The aim of the Democracy Elections and Governance (DEG) MOOC is to provide you with the best educational content, regardless of your geographical location.

User Recommendations

Unless otherwise specified by the course instructor, you are encouraged to:

Participate in all the activities of a course: watching videos, interacting in the forum, and knowledge assessment (quiz).

Discuss with other learners the general concepts and resources of each course using the collaborative tools provided;

Prohibition of racist, xenophobic, abusive language, etc.

Suggest ideas and possibly suggest materials you may develop and share with other learners for feedback;

Ensure that your username is chosen carefully as it cannot be changed - and it will be visible to other participants. We recommend that it does not reproduce your real name.

User Agreements

Do not cheat to get better results;

Do not try to fix or change the results of others;

Do not publish answers to questions of the end-of-course knowledge assessments;

Respect the intellectual property rights granted by the licence attached to each online course on the website (see usage conditions specified on the presentation / registration page of each course);

Give the teaching staff access to your data collected on the website for the purpose of the course.